The breed was initially named the Swiss Alpine, but in 1977, the breed name was changed to Oberhasli. The U.S. standard describes a minimum height for mature Oberhasli does as 28"/71cm at the withers with a minimum weight of 120#/54.54kg. There may be a few white hairs through the coat and about the ears of the Oberhasli goat. But in 1977, a breeder’s association was formed and the breed name Oberhasli was adopted. Please mail your original copies with our email form Our trip to Redmond for the National Show was full of fun and success! Crosses with meat goat breeds, such as Boer or Kalahari Red goat can add better growth rates to their kids, offering a milking line to the kids of meat goats. Black Bengal 23. Facts about Oberhasli Goat, "Scientific name for Oberhasli Goat is Capra aegagrus hircus". There are two black stripes down the face from above each eye to a black muzzle. Photo from Wikipedia. Rangeland goat 19. What we now know today as the Oberhasli goat was actually derived from the Chamois Colored Goat, a breed from the Oberhasli district of … Sable Goat 14. The Oberhasli goat is domestic breed of goat developed in the mountains of Switzerland.