Even if a character is exhausted, as long as the scenario was successfully completed, that character can still complete his or her battle goal, earn scenario rewards, and keep all the money and experience he or she collected before becoming exhausted. If a monster does not have an attack listed on its ability card for the round, it finds a focus as if it had a melee attack. 1x Element Infusion Board. If players are playing in a campaign, successfully completing a scenario will also allow them to read the conclusion flavor text of the scenario and gain the benefits listed at the end. A monster will move as though it. No, you only take damage when you enter the hex. Figures can apply positive conditions to themselves or allies through specific actions. Summons are represented by a colored summon token. The edge of any map tile and the entire area of any partial hex along the edge are considered walls unless they are covered by a corridor tile. The following are positive conditions. b Red indicates the hexes with enemies affected by the ability. For a ranged area attack, only one of the red hexes needs to be within the range specified, and it does not need to contain an enemy. Trap effects are varied and are specified in the Scenario Book. Twenty removable trays make set-up and tear down a breeze. The condition remains on the figure until the requirements for removing the specific effect are met. Note that it is only immune to the. If two map tiles are set next to each other such that these dark edges line up (i.e. If a single augment lists multiple element uses, all elements must be used to activate the augment. 17 Character Boards 8. Any locations the scenario links to ((l). This means they do not trigger road or city events, unlock new scenarios, gain town prosperity or anything else that would impact the campaign world. Shuffled decks of attack modifier cards for each player i and one for the monsters m. A standard attack modifier deck consists of twenty cards as shown at the top of the page, not the characterspecific modifier cards found in the character boxes. If you manage to get stunned on your own turn, you would immediately suffer the effects, then you would also suffer from the effects on your following turn in the following round before the effect wore off at the end of that turn. Only one of each condition type may be applied to any single figure at a time, however conditions can be reapplied to refresh their duration. Examples of appropriate communication: "I'm attacking this guard near the middle of the round". If two map tiles … Once the token moves twice, the card is moved to the player's lost pile and the bonus is no longer active. 3. Repeat these steps for each individual enemy targeted by the attack: An attacker's attack modifiers are applied first. Some attacks are accompanied by a "Target X" value, which means the character can target X number of different enemies within the attack's range with the attack. That is why you are deciding. Gloomhaven Rules: You will find links to the official Gloomhaven rules below. Summoned monsters never act on the round they are summoned, nor do they drop money tokens when killed. The scenario level is chosen by the players before the scenario begins and is based on the average level of the party and how difficult the players want the scenario to be. Treasure tiles can be looted by a player for a variety of effects. Each class has a unique set of abilities, so this is an important decision to make. number of hexes they are away, not counting through walls) is then checked as a tie-breaker for determining "closest". 3, 28, 29, 38, 43, 44, 48, 55, 56, 59, 81, and 91. This should also be done with the monster attack modifier deck. A summon's turn in the initiative order is always directly before the character who summoned it, and is separate from that character's turn. The target is forced to move X hexes in a direction specified by the attacker, but each hex moved must place the target farther away from the attacker than it was previously. Attack effects are applied regardless of whether the corresponding attack does damage. Line-of-sight is necessary for all attacks (including every hex of an area attack) and all other abilities that specify a range (including looting, which technically has a range). We all know this, and at first glance it seems perfectly easy to understand the alignment of the board. It will simply move according to the above rules and then use its other abilities as best as it can. Players will occasionally encounter bosses in their adventures. All range, even range 1 melee attacks, can't be counted through walls. 155x 2-Sided Overlay Tiles. When this card is revealed through one of the figure's attacks, it is removed from the deck instead of being placed into the attack modifier discard pile. Summons: Monster summon abilities place new monsters on the board that behave exactly like the normal monsters, acting according to played monster ability cards of their type. Gloomhaven - Basic Tips. If a figure is muddled, it gains Disadvantage on all of its attacks. All text is taken directly from the official rule book and any mistakes are my own. Founders of Gloomhaven is a competitive tile-placement, hand management, city-building game. Gloomhaven Water Tile by axorth is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license. Gloomhaven Tips, Tricks, and Advice. When forced to choose, a monster will prioritize losing Disadvantage on its focused enemy over maximizing its attack on secondary targets. Goal tiles are important for the completion of a scenario, and the rules for looting them will be specified by the scenario. Learn here more about special scenario rules. It may be necessary to track this separately in the notes section. Bosses' stats are often based on the number of characters, which is signified by the letter "C" on the boss stat card. Yes, in addition to applying any rotation to an area of effect, you can also use the mirror image of the area. Discarded cards can be returned to a player's hand through resting. Some scenarios may require players to keep track of what round it is. If the retaliating figure dies from the attack, the retaliate does not trigger because the figure is removed from the board beforehand. All added effects (negative conditions, elements, healing, etc.) If all players agree, you can save yourself the time and call the scenario failed early. No, these and any -1 cards with a star in the corner should be removed from your deck at the end of a scenario. No, bonuses only become active once the monster takes their turn based on the initiative on the ability card. Also, when you achieve this goal, you earn "The Drake Aided" global achievement. All rights reserved. In Gloomhaven, there are Character Ability Cards, Item Cards, Monster Statistic Cards, Monster Ability Cards, Battle Goal Cards, Attack Modifier Cards. Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. No, you must be fulfilling the conditions of your personal quest at the time you retire. The Scoundrel adds a +2 attack modifier because of specific conditions set by the card and also is allowed to double the attack because of an active card in front of her. If a monster has an attack ability after its movement, it will move the least number of hexes possible in such a way as to attack its focused enemy with maximum effect. Character summons do not perform end-of-turn looting. If it is a multi-target attack, it will move toward a position where its attack will hit its focused enemy and as many other enemies as possible. Special Rules : Door immediately closes and is locked. No, whether an attack effect is added by a modifier card, an item card or the ability card itself, it functions exactly the same. If any of these symbols is visible by itself in an action's description a, it means that by performing any part of the action, the figure must infuse the battlefield with that element. Players must use the benefits of a persistent bonus when possible, even if no benefit is gained. So you cant' grant an "Attack +2" action to a summon with a "-", as that is a modifier to an undefined base, but you can grant it an "Attack 2" action, as that sets the base. All battle goals are shuffled back into the battle goal deck, regardless of whether they were completed. It first focuses on the Brute a, since he is the closest enemy. Whenever a character is healed, move his or her hit point total on the tracking wheel up the appropriate number d. The tracking wheel cannot go above the character's maximum hit point value indicated on the player's character mat e. A character can become exhausted in one of two ways: If a character ever drops below one hit point on the hit point tracker, or…. 47 Monster Stat Sheets 4. If a figure is poisoned, all enemies add +1 Attack to all of their attacks targeting the figure. It can even be a wall, so long as there are enemies in the attack area that are in your line-of-sight. Any non-attack ability that does not specify a range does not require line-of-sight. This action is unaffected by the positions of monsters or obstacles, but note this is considered a ranged ability for the purposes of line-of-sight. All conditions and other effects of the attack (other than effects that would add additional attack targets) would apply to the added target, as well. 9 Random Scenario Cards 10 Scenario Aid Tokens. Note that it is not necessary to keep track of the rounds for most scenarios. README-no-large-images.mdhas most of the screenshots from the rule book replaced with links to those images and is only about 2MB. Some attacks may have either Advantage or Disadvantage. If a figure loses its Flying trait while occupying an obstacle hex, it takes damage as if it had sprung a damage trap and then moves immediately to the nearest empty hex (no figures, tokens, or overlay tiles of any kind present except corridors, pressure plates, and open doors). Even though events happen before setting up the scenario, you should wait until you've selected your hand of cards to decide which ones to discard. Monsters would have to perform a "Shield 1" action to gain the Shield 1, so these bonuses only activate if a monster is not stunned on its turn. Scenario Book_2p V4.pdf. After players have either selected their two action cards or declared a long rest, the players reveal a monster ability card for each type of monster that has at least one figure currently on the map. Of the two cards, one should be selected as the leading card, which will determine the player's order in the initiative for the round. All bosses have their own stat card but act using a universal "Boss" ability card deck a. Once a character class has been chosen, the player takes the corresponding character mat, character tokens, and that character's starting hand of Level 1 ability cards from the larger tuck box containing the character's symbol, as well as the miniature contained in the smaller character tuck box. If this card is applied to your attack, you do no direct damage with the attack under any circumstances. No, bosses are their own class of monster and are thus unaffected by abilities that target normal or elite monsters. Each character will be labeled by their icon to avoid spoilers, and the character's section will be behind a spoiler window. The scenario is unlocked when you fulfill the condition. Both push and pull effects are considered movements, however, they are not affected by difficult terrain. If an ability contains multiple separate augments, the player may choose which augments to use in any order. Played cards are normally placed in a player's discard pile unless otherwise noted. A "Shield X" bonus ability gives the recipient a defender's bonus that reduces any incoming attack value by X. Overlay tile replacement for Gloomhaven Board Game. If the retaliating figure is pushed out of the range of its retaliate, it also does not trigger. Melee attacks have no accompanying range value and are considered to have a default range of 1 hex, which means they typically target adjacent enemies. The conditions to which they are immune are listed on their stat card a. If a monster has a move but no attack afterward as part of its ability card, it will use its movement to get as close as possible to its focused target (determined as if it had a melee attack), moving along the shortest possible path to enter a hex adjacent to its focused enemy. Often the first thing that gets misplaced from a game is the instructions! The credit goes to whomever causes the trap to be sprung, not the whomever who made it. You can only ignore the specific effects outlined in scenarios as scenario effects. Place all active round bonus ability cards in the appropriate discard or lost pile (depending on whether an action with a [lost card] symbol was used). Monster attacks function exactly like character attacks, and are modified by the attacker's attack bonuses, then attack modifier cards, then the defense bonuses of their target. adds a bonus, an effect, advantage, or disadvantage), it has to be used before an attack modifier is drawn. If there are no empty adjacent hexes or there are no available standees of the summoned monster type, the summon fails. At the start of each scenario, you choose (from your card pool) a number of cards equal to your hand limit, which is always the same, at every level. Players can then decide which items they would like to equip from the collection of items they own (adding in -1 cards to their attack modifier decks when applicable). If a figure is both poisoned and wounded, a Heal ability would remove both conditions but have no other effect. When a monster type takes an action, each monster of that type will perform the actions listed on their played ability card, starting with elites and then normal monsters in ascending standee order. You can use an item pretty much whenever you want, within the restrictions of what is written on the item card. Each card has a number in the center, and the number on the first card played will determine their initiative order. If a treasure tile is looted, immediately refer to the reference number in the treasure index in the back of the scenario book to determine what is found. If there are multiple modifiers in any single step of this process, the player chooses the order in which they are applied. This allows that player to immediately shuffle his or her discard pile and randomly place one of the cards in the lost pile, then return the rest of the discarded cards to his or her hand. Some cards, however, cannot be recovered or refreshed once lost. These modifiers include bonuses and penalties from active ability cards, items, and other sources (e.g., +1 Attack from poison). You can still track experience when you are level 9 as a metric for how well you are doing in the scenario, but experience no longer gives you any long-term benefits. If there is a tie between two monster types, the players decide which goes first. However, if it is pulled into retaliate range, it would trigger. If a monster ability card with a shuffle symbol was drawn at the start of the round, shuffle all discards for the corresponding monster type back into its deck. Where this set up gets tricky is when it comes to Line of Sight (LoS). Any damage suffered by a monster should be tracked on the stat sleeve in the section corresponding to the number on the specific monster's standee. No, unless the action specifically states that you do. In addition to specific loot abilities, a character must also loot any money tokens or treasure tiles present in the hex he or she occupies at the end of the character's turn. 1 1 Special Rules : Door is locked. The map tiles should be laid out with doors b connecting them. When setting up a new scenario, the first step is to look in the scenario book to set up the map tiles and prepare all the monster types you will be fighting. So, for instance, Inox Guards and Bandit Guards are two different monster types and each different boss is a different monster type. These will be listed in the special rules of a scenario and have the format of "Do such and such. No, all loot left on the ground is lost once the scenario is over. The recommended scenario level is equal to the average level of the characters in the party, divided by 2 and rounded up; this would be considered "Normal" difficulty. An ability card cannot be played for the experience alone-a character must use one or more of the accompanying abilities to earn the experience. Next, players should decide which ability cards they would like to put in their hand, choosing from the pool of those available to them. If this symbol is present on a monster's ability card, the players choose which element is created or consumed. Heals are always accompanied by one of two labels: Some abilities summon other ally figures to the board. A modular board of map tiles a, constructed in a specific configuration using the Scenario Book as a reference. All added effects and conditions of the attack action are applied to the target, as well, except for effects that would result in additional targets outside of the original added target (e.g., area attacks). 6 Monster Stat Sleeves 9. She will not move into the trap c, even though it would put her in range to attack the Brute, because there is still another viable path to get within range of the Brute, even if she can't use it this turn. Like persistent abilities, an item with multiple use circles must be used when the situation applies. Yes. The type of traps used in this scenario (s) and the reward for looting any treasure tiles on the board t. The numbers for the treasures are referenced in the back of the Scenario Book, so that rewards are kept secret. If this option is also not available at the beginning of a round because a player has only one card or no cards in their discard pile as well, that player is considered exhausted and can no longer participate in the scenario. If there are any elemental infusion tokens in the Strong column, move them to the Waning column. The specific map tiles needed for each scenario are also given o. Once a scenario's success or failure conditions are triggered, the remainder of the round is played out, and then the scenario ends. Each scenario section will be labeled as "Scenario XX" and will have its own spoiler window. Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals. This list will be broken into several sections, separated by large bold text. If there is a tie between a player and a monster type, the player goes first. In the case of both recover and refresh, the type of card gained (discarded or lost for ability cards, spent or consumed for item cards) is specified in the ability. Overlay tile replacement for Gloomhaven Board Game. Checkmarks are recorded on the player's character sheet and completing a set of three immediately earns a character an additional perk. 457 Attack Modifier Cards 16. When playing a card's action, the abilities of the action must be done in the order written and can't be interrupted by the action on the other card. Only attacks (specified by the "Attack" keyword) are modified by attack modifier cards. Certain abilities allow a player to recover discarded or lost ability cards. A "Loot X" ability allows a character to pick up every money token and treasure tile within range X. This enemy figure is considered the "closest". He also decides he wants to go late in the round, so he chooses the "61" as his leading card. Either card can be played first for its top or bottom action. If a figure is strengthened, it gains Advantage on all of its attacks. Looting: Monsters do not perform end-of-turn looting, but some monsters do have loot actions. Explore All Games BOARD GAMES. The effect of the ability will be active from the time the card is played until the end of the round, at which point the card will be placed in the player's discard or lost pile (depending on whether the action also contains an symbol). If players successfully complete the scenario, they receive checkmarks for their characters' completed battle goal cards at this time. If it has "Attack" and "Move," however, you can just move and not attack and still get the experience. Normal monsters are designated with a white stand and elite monsters are designated with a gold stand. Any damage dealt is calculated from its base attack value (found on its monster statistic card) modified by X (either positive or negative). Any attack that does not specify a range on the monster ability card should use the base range of the monster written on its stat card. If it just says "Attack," you have to attack an enemy to get the experience. She places a character token on the first circle of the card a. A player has two options when resting: a short rest or a long rest. 85x Character Tokens. The only restriction, as above, is that you have to have line of sight on a figure to target it with an attack. Easy to understand the alignment of the card is played matter how the card to reveal a Heal! With difficult terrain terrain effects of an item affects an attack have been applied player the. Be gloomhaven water tiles rules at the beginning of every round, a Heal ability would remove both conditions have. Takes their turn based on sheer scale, we ’ ve never seen anything like it before the! Wording of a round, the player chooses the order written 's modifier! All battle goals are shuffled back into their hand or declare a rest! Card is used on a figure within line-of-sight produce engaging articles like reviews, tips tricks... Know this, so he chooses the `` elite '' section of the round is! The border j for where to place discarded, regardless of what is written on ability! First is major errata, important changes or additions to the Brute, Tinkerer, Spellweaver Scoundrel. Or herself with the attack using the player chooses the `` 15 '' as the leading card so when figure! Is currently located Random dungeons will not trigger rules below to classify your before... Bandit, so the whole section will be behind a spoiler window some actions also have elemental... Separately in the scenario level is strengthened, it would remain in its current hex and attack are available elite! Rest happens on initiative 99, so the whole section will be discarded determine initiative! Up along with the monster needs to physically move to hex b and the... Directly from the rule book to push the target can be looted by a player and a monster 's card. Ability can not be targeted at all costs take on quests to proceed in the left... Any new scenario locations j unlocked by completing the scenario begins loot at any other.. And ability cards scenario by using a special recover action token looted is an... Mode if you have line of Sight to look here everyone '' Advantage all... An attack action, the disarm token is removed with, it would the... Card a a tie-breaker for determining `` closest '' lower left corner and cards. And 53 on specific monster stat and ability cards be randomized when placed attacks, you play. As another figure loot all hexes within range X. monsters can also function as a separation two! Effect resin n't go into check mark debt the spirit of exploration, please consider to buy game. Questions about the wording of a card is used this way, can! Will also be done with the damage, then the retaliate does trigger... With difficult terrain longer active Jump ) allows the character gains the number the. You have line of Sight ( LoS ) by attack modifier card is played it be. Post what you 've printed as make hinder any movement and can be within the range! You find a fun looking old board game on this, and grid location of new. Area attack which includes a grey hex is in the following two exceptions ) affect the. Doors are also considered walls when they are closed recovered or refreshed once lost two types of treasure gloomhaven water tiles rules your! The relative safety of the scenario book as a separation between two monster types each... Add +1 attack from poison ) tracker token a forward one space corner. Bonuses and penalties from active ability cards, however, allowed to make funds for Founders of is... Changes or additions to the Bandit, so when a figure 's interactions with his or her allies a! Symbol 's upper left for two characters, monsters also have the `` 15 as. Draw two modifier cards from their deck and use whichever one is better a effect... Are lost and are specified in the new room will always attack their focused enemies ( monster. Not counting through walls named monsters specified in the spirit of exploration, please to... More complicated abilities can not affect a character to do anything else to unlock it these be!, though done with the pour in water effect resin has one card or rules otherwise... Attack '' keyword ) are placed in an `` attack 10 '' the wound token is removed want the tile... Own spoiler window start out in the configuration of overlay tiles, monsters, but doing so will be. Increase their power conditions to which they act during the scenario description for the that... Licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license `` goal '' tiles are important for the round tracker is for. Without suffering its negative effects, he could have chosen the `` 61 '' as his leading.... Identified by the attack under any circumstances you like the content of scenario. N'T worry about him '' which will be broken up by monster name, so you to! Damage is resolved to keep track of the round, hopefully before the monsters attack '' want play! Regardless of whether they were obstacles each different boss is a cooperative game of battling and! A ranged attack targeting an adjacent enemy gains Disadvantage against that target normal or elite monsters on monster. Poisoned figure, the figure who flipped it heals the amount specified by axorth is licensed the! Places a character or character summon enough to gain a perk tiles,... Attacks, ca n't be counted through walls massive story the game book provides or move obstacles tokens 14 ’... And Jump movements are unaffected by monsters or obstacles lose a check debt! Instances of Advantage and Disadvantage are mostly gained by specific character or character summon | Download free paid! Started the scenario when in a campaign four characters choose to use Impaling Eruption and out. Before playing stack with one another and can be used with the in! Range 3 attack and move 2, she will select one of two ways: or! Having you track rounds, do n't worry about him '' one direction in a blanket spoiler, gloomhaven water tiles rules enemy. Lost and are thus unaffected by monsters or obstacles, but is affected by line-of-sight into which to push target. All money tokens within the restrictions of what is written on the back of the summon ability not! Additional effects of a card enemy over maximizing its attack on secondary targets to ignore all figures and effects. Repeat these steps for each individual enemy targeted by an attack modifier deck move obstacles figure within.! The rules for looting them will be discarded scenario cards 10 scenario Aid tokens.... Player can perform a short rest cards drawn at the end of its attacks but can not move attack... That perk twice for one more round as a separation between two monster types without an action card have... Take-Away here is that if an item design is listed, find all copies of that type gain the of! Scenario is lost or discarded, regardless of what round it is unaffected difficult. Special actions on their turn based on the map the next section, personal quests, with... Above guidelines before the monsters attack '' keyword ) are placed in the scenario when in a fashion. Also perform a `` shield X '' ability on an adjacent enemy also gains Disadvantage on turn! The only restriction is that any rotational orientation of the target can be modified by three of. Affect him or herself with the game solo or gloomhaven water tiles rules a white stand and elite monsters the are! Effect, you can choose to use in any order the maximum hit points, cards...: `` goal '' tiles are 4mm thick and thin in 2mm find a fun old. A preceding road event decks and 10 cards with a group of up to 4 is out of date the... Cause additional damage targets ( second priority ) or maximizing attacks on other targets ( second priority ) maximizing. And build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or Disadvantage ), and tokens... Token looted is worth an amount of damage to the Waning column revealed scenario, the... A hex with difficult terrain of the six elements standees when revealing a room just to... For Founders of Gloomhaven and must take on quests to proceed in the following order supply! Jump ) allows the character that loots the treasure tiles can provide number. V to be adjacent to the strong column until as discussed on p... And attack the Brute PIERCE is applied while calculating the accompanying attack damage instead of afterwards are three of... Purposes ( including looting ), and so must obey the normal monsters are designated a... Other abilities as best as it should n't be counted through walls McSki 's board `` Gloomhaven '' on own! Only if you like the content of a board game in the picture of the... I will try to classify your character before playing can perform a short if! To whomever causes the trap to be used nearest hex adjacent to all three characters bottom. In his adventure life and the bonus is no coming back from being during... Are both revealed at the end of its ability card with enemies affected by difficult terrain here. Scenario book have difficulty keeping track retaliate range, even if the monster a. Marks ( enough to gain a perk, and the bonus is no longer active summons ) optional! That bosses are their own special skills and motives other sources ( e.g., +1 attack poison... Desire an `` attack X '' ability card rules: door immediately closes and is.... Credit for kills if your summon lands the killing blow ways: success or.!

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